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Are you managing technology issues instead of your business? Is your technology supporting your business goals and objectives? Are you Happy with your Current Technology? How Secure is your Data and Your Network? Will your business function after a disaster? Is there a lot going on in your business and you’re ready to get a plan in place to ease your technology worries? Apply now to see if you qualify for a free 30-minute strategy session!

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If you’re looking to launch your own firm, is a great resource in learning, planning, and launching your Virtual CIO business. Tell them that Erica Cole sent you.

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Erica Cole

I'm a Fee-Only Technology Planner and Advisor who provides affordable technology planning and advice to small businesses and start-ups just like me. I work with clients with less than 50 employees across the country in a fun and accessible way. Plus, I'm not your typical "Tech" - I speak business management and I.T. you don't have to!