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Small Business Challenges

There are countless small business owners who believe they are left abandoned in the world of technology management. They believe there exists little to no resources in helping them navigate the complexities of the technology in their small business.

Even more so, when small business owners lack knowledge and guidance in their IT Management, this can often lead to inefficient, ineffective, insecure, and bloated technology solutions that are not in line with their businesses goals and strategies – IT becomes an expense, not an investment.

As a result, profit margins decrease, there is no Return on Investment (ROI) from their technology, and worse, insecure technology creates vulnerabilities in their infrastructure just waiting to be exploited. Although some business owners utilize third-party technical vendors to help guide their IT-related decisions, the business owner is not aware if those decisions are truly for their benefit...or the benefit of the vendor.

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Small Business Solutions

As most companies seek the advice of a trusted advisor, such as an accountant or an attorney, there are times when small business owners need guidance with their organization’s IT strategy and operations that supports their business goals and objectives. When in-house expertise is out-of-reach, unaffordable, or impractical, these small businesses can take advantage of Cole Technology Management, LLC– their unbiased, independent, and trusted strategic technology advisor.

CTM can provide independent and unbiased analysis of your current infrastructure to find ways to make your business more efficient, effective, secure, as well as ensure it is aligned with your business goals. Consider CTM your trusted liaison between your business and technology.

A Technology Advisor will speak a business owner’s language while mastering technology concepts and advocating for a client’s technology needs on their behalf. Keeping in mind the shortage of available talent - plus the typical budget pressure usually associated with small businesses - CTM provides an affordable alternative to obtaining an in-house IT Director, Chief Information Officer, or other highly-skilled technology resource.


IT and Business Strategy

Cole Technology Management's Technical Advisor - Erica Cole - and her associates provide business acumen, as well as an understanding of strategic planning. Although there are IT Support Companies offering Virtual CIO services, their focus is in providing Technicians to their clients. These companies concentrate on keeping systems up and running, fixing technical problems, and focusing on the machines. CTM focuses on ensuring the machines and software is making our client's money, saving our client's money, and growing our client's customer base. Our focus is on the 360 degree view of the ENTIRE business.

CTM tailors affordable Advisory and Coaching services specifically for small businesses and start-ups with less than 50 employees.

With over 20 years of horizontal experience – including business leadership, marketing, sales, finance, operations management, business start-up and entrepreneurial experience, as well as a solid technology foundation – Cole Technology Management, LLC can offer the big-picture view needed to lead a high functioning Virtual IT department and a thriving business.

IT and Business Strategy

Below is a sampling of topics you might be interested in:

Peer Focused Presentations:

  • Becoming an Executive Partner and Leader rather than a Technical Order Taker
  • Transform IT from an Unwanted Expense to a Value Creator
  • Maximize People Leadership to Maximize IT Management Results
  • Become a Small Business Virtual CIO

Client Focused Presentations:

  • Make your Small Business Technology your Asset – Not Your Liability
  • Free or Low Cost ways of Securing your Business from Cybercrime
  • How to Use Technology to help you achieve your Business Goals
  • Integrate your Technology to make it easy to do Business

College Focused Presentations:

  • Why Entrepreneurship is the New “Job Security”
  • Get on track to becoming an Executive Technology Leader
  • Stand-out from your Technology Peers with Business Acumen


Erica will happily customize a topic for your group depending on your needs.

Erica Cole is a sought after speaker and presenter who enjoys speaking to small business owners, technology peers, and especially college students who wish to enter the IT services field. She started Cole Technology Management, LLC because she believes that every small business should have access to a technology advisor. A technology plan can mean the difference between meeting business goals or not. Erica helps clients alleviate their stress about the technology within their small business by helping them clarify their goals, identify and eliminate obstacles to those goals, and create an action plan to achieve them – with the assistance of technology.

When Erica isn’t advising her clients, she shares her technical and business expertise with larger audiences. Erica regularly blogs about small business topics and frequently speaks to a diverse group of audiences. She would love to bring her expertise and engaging style to your audience to help them take control of their technology and to achieve their business goals. Erica’s unique business background allows her to connect with a wide variety of audiences.

As a Business & Technology Management Consultant, Erica spends her days coaching individuals from all walks of life. She helps them take control of their technical issues so they can pursue their strategic business goals. She draws from these interactions so that your audience can benefit from the collective experience of her clients.

Erica speaks as a female entrepreneur, and understands what it’s like to take the scary jump into self-employment. She understands the financial reality of leaving a regular paycheck behind. She understands the challenges of doing this as a wife and a mother. And she understands the passion behind those decisions.

As part of Generation X, Erica has seen firsthand how rapidly technology can change and how it impacts our way of life – as well as the way we do business. She began her career in 1995 upgrading computers and installing software that was never a smooth process. Throughout the years, Erica has worked with organizations large and small, and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in small business management and consulting, including the areas of start-up, operations, marketing, sales, finance, and information technology. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis in Security, and is currently pursuing her MBA with an emphasis in Information Technology Management. She has over 12 industry certifications and is recognized by The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS). She is currently serving as a Board Member and Technology Advisor to the Pocono Eastern Business Association, located in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Erica would love to bring her technical expertise and engaging style to your audience to help them take control of the technology in their small business. Erica’s unique background allows her to connect with a wide variety of audiences.

To inquire about Erica's speaker or webinar fees you can schedule a call here!

  • "59 Percent of SMB's said there are ‘insufficient resources’ available to help them."
    PC Magazine

    Most manage their IT decisions without professional guidance by finding information on the Internet or printed publications. Some may utilize third-party vendors to help guide their IT-related decisions – but are not aware if those decisions are independent or unbiased.

  • "Technology is intrinsically linked to every department, whether to improve costs, efficiency or drive innovation."
    Datacenter Dynamics

    "Today's IT leaders are now being asked to operate not only within budget, but to also consider “their internal and external customers”. If IT leaders continue to remain focused on technology and not the business as one unit through a 360 degree view, they will slowly face extinction"

  • "Organizations are seeing a 50 per cent reduction in cost by hiring a vCIO."
    CIO & Leader

    "A vCIO is not only a trusted advisor, but has the right blend of capabilities to deliver results much faster; can be engaged for a given period; and who will prove his/her capabilities at a much lesser cost."


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Erica Cole

I'm a Fee-Only Technology Planner and Advisor who provides affordable technology planning and advice to small businesses and start-ups just like me. I work with clients with less than 50 employees across the country in a fun and accessible way. Plus, I'm not your typical "Tech" - I speak business management and I.T. you don't have to!